Cross @ Sunset(December 2010)

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by renewing your mind… and proving the perfect will of God.”
Romans 12:2

What appears to be is not always the case, so therefore striving to achieve that “perfect appearance” is not only impossible, but forever elusive and unnecessary. Being a Woman of God is not based on perfect behavior of a woman, mother, or wife – but rather seeking His grace to fill in the cracks of our faith and foundations.

Merry Christmas Sweet Ladies,

I hope and pray that this year you will choose to draw near to God our Father, to walk intimately with Him, and to crawl up into His lap and call Him “Daddy.” And how does one do this? By clinging to Romans 12:2 – desiring to see God, to know God, and to submit to Him wholeheartedly. And as usual, God has filled the Bible with perfect examples for us to follow: my favorite ladies of the Bible.

Hagar, the maidservant to Sarah, was thrown into circumstances beyond her control (Gen 16). In her utmost distress, she fled to the desert. There she encountered Abraham’s God – who called out to her by name. For 10 years she had seen this God working in Abraham’s life. She had witnessed His power and miracles, but she was always on the outside looking in. But now, He had come to her! He had seen her in her desperation and she finally saw Him – for who He was, in all His mercy. As her life continued, she chose to change her perspective, to “not follow the world’s pattern” but follow His.

Rahab was the lowliest citizen in Jericho. She was shunned, scorned, and segregated by the townspeople – for she was a prostitute. But she had a purpose. After confronting the two men of God, she realized life was not all about her and chose to step across the line (Josh 2). She knew about their great God and all He had done for the Israelites – and now she wanted to join His team. She no longer cared about man’s approval. She chose to accept and acknowledge God – to “renew her mind” and step out in obedience and faith. And He blessed her with royal lineage as the mother-in-law to Ruth and as the great-great grandmother to King David.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, finishes our Romans 12 verse as the best example of submission – to obey and love God enough to trust her life in His hands, no matter what. When the angel asked her to bear the coming Messiah, she had no knowledge of her future – the emotional rollercoaster from His birth to His death (Luke 2). But she saw God in her life, she knew Him personally, and she rested on His character and His promises. She chose to submit and in doing so, “proved the perfect will of God.”

Ladies, we need to learn from these women! We need to change our focus, look up, and follow His perfect will for us – and then sit and bask in His many blessings! We need to listen to His commands and desire His approval, not man’s. This season, choose to take joy in the adventure He lays before you – expecting His glory to fill the earth as you submit and are used to witness to others around you! As these Biblical women did, your simplest choice can change future generations, too!

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has imagined – what things I have prepared for those who love Me.” Love, Your Abba Father (1 Cor 2:9)

Transformed and Renewed for Him,

Heavenly Father,
We praise You and thank You for the true meaning of the season! That You so loved the World that You gave us the gift of Your only begotten Son. What a wonderful gift He is! In Christ, we have the blessings of forgiveness, joy, peace, love and reconciliation. Help us to not get so caught up in our busyness that we forget how truly blessed we are. May we look to You and seek Your approval of our lives, and then celebrate that we have it! For we are accepted in the Beloved (Ephesians 1:6 ).

Lord, we pray that as we go out and run errands, go to church celebrations, and even do our holiday baking that Your joy fills us and becomes a witness to all those around us.
We love You and celebrate Your gift!

In Jesus’ name,

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