BWAngel(March 2010)

“I am a woman who is deeply troubled…I am pouring out my soul to the Lord.”

“Answer me, Lord, answer me – so that these people will know that You, Lord, are God, and that You are turning their hearts back again.”

“My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow…Father, everything is possible with You. But not what I will, but what You will…”

Sweet Ladies,
In all our joy and excitement in From the Vine Ministries, we daily see and feel the anguish and pain of ladies reaching out for help. Never before have we seen so many hurting marriages, broken relationships, and financial stress. Even though we have friends and Godly women here for encouragement, we MUST go to our Father for answers and strength! And that means returning to the Scriptures to see, hear, and feel past circumstances and God’s faithfulness and deliverance.

Hannah cried and petitioned God for over 20 years – so passionate about being a mother. But God waited and waited….and waited until she was in the exact position where He could use her the most efficiently and effectively. He changed Hannah. Then He changed her circumstances. He purposely waited until she shifted her focus, which ultimately shifted her perspective. God then blessed her with her desire – after He knew that she would use that desire for His glory. (1 Samuel 1)

Elijah spent a day waiting on the Lord – trusting that no matter how long or how desperate his circumstances were at the end of the day, God’s will would prevail and Elijah would be blessed because of his obedience. The people around him taunted and slandered God’s name, pressuring Elijah to accept and seek the world’s standards and approval. Yet, deep in his heart – Elijah KNEW his Lord  intimately! He did not hesitate to present his trust in the Lord and stand firmly in his beliefs. His motivation and heart were pure – he was there to be used to further the Kingdom of God. (I Kings 18)

Our sweet Jesus…even He wept and was filled with sorrow. (Mark 14) Romans 8:17 states that “we as heirs share in His sufferings in order to share in His glory.” Ladies, there is NOTHING that we go through that Jesus hasn’t gone through Himself. Abandoned, unfairly treated, verbally accused, deserted by friends and family…have YOU been there? Have you suffered torn heart strings? Been financially dependent on others? Needed peace and quiet in a world of chaos? I challenge you to pick up His Word and see what Jesus did to remedy all these burdens.

One thing I do see time and time again… is prayer! Taking time in your day to purposely seek His face and His will for your life is so crucial to your perspective. Romans 5:1-5 tells us to rejoice in our sufferings, to boast in the hope of glory, to realize that our perseverance, character, and faith will be increased! Acts 27:25 reminds us that our faith is real – it’s not a sense or emotion, but rather taking God at His Word. Hebrews 4:16 commands us to “approach His throne of grace boldly, so that we may receive mercy and find grace in our time of need.”

Ladies, He WANTS you to come to Him, to cry in His lap, to give Him everything! He has given you His Word, His Promises, and a Sisterhood to gather and surround you. If you are in a season of sorrow or need, reach out! Pray with passion! Present your motives and desires to Him, letting His perfect timing and plan direct your life. We were made to worship Him, to sing to Him, and to enter into a love relationship with Him. And a relationship requires mutual communication… PRAY!!!

In His Throne Room for you,

“The Lord is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on Him in truth. He fulfills the desires of those who honor Him; He hears their cry and saves them.” Ps 145:18-19

Dear Father,
Please help me search my heart, presenting all my requests to You. And in doing so, I commit to allow You to answer in Your time or simply remove my desire if it is not in my best interest. I choose to trust in You, Father, instead of my emotions and thoughts. I ask You to bind Satan and the world from taunting and tempting me so that I may rest firmly in You alone. I ask that You bring me fresh perspective so that I may clearly focus on You and Your plans for me. I come to You today wanting to be used for Your Glory!

Bless me in my obedience,

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