Mary and Martha – “The Terms and Tears of Trust”

“And therefore many of the Jews who had come to visit Mary, and had seen what Jesus had done, put their faith in Him.”  John 11:45

Think of all you do and say every day. Are your efforts and energy aimed for eternal value? Is Christ really your Lord and Savior? Or do you have a line drawn that only allows His access in certain areas – not because you are ashamed, but because you feel them unnecessary or worthy of His concern? Mary and Martha loved Jesus enough – to trust Him with their tears. They were not afraid to come to Him, angry and upset, with their hearts hurting. We need to learn from them and trust Him completely – knowing that our Father knows what’s best for us and will lead us down the right roads – even when we are blinded by our fears. And when we trust Him, others see our lives changing!

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