Titus 2 Women – “It’s Time to Step Up!”

“I have found David, son of Jesse – a man after my own heart. He will do everything I ask him to do.”  Acts 13:22

I am a Titus 2 Woman. I have been commanded by God to share my journey with others, encouraging them when I see them walking the same roads I once did. When we cry and tell our woes of yelling at our children, wondering if we are being good enough parents, wanting to please God but feeling like failures – the Titus 2 Woman is the one who can say to us, “Look – look at where I was and where God has taken me. I walked the same road, had the same feelings, cried the same tears…and God provided. He will do the same for you!”  She teaches us how to be Godly wives and mothers, by sharing her own examples – her mess ups as well as her successes. She lets us see how God uses her flaws for His glory, how He blesses her obedience and respect for her husband. That is what a Titus 2 woman does: she bares her soul for the purpose of training up younger ones. Together we will study the Titus 2 steps of becoming a Woman of God – learning not to listen to what the world says or twist our faith to fit what we want to do or believe…but rather we will walk the Truth!!

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