FromTheVineMinistries-LatteLoveMugsWhen it Pours, He Reigns!

Blessed are those who listen to Me, watching daily at My doors, waiting at My doorway. For those who find Me, find life and receive grace from the Lord.”   Proverbs 8:34-35 

Before the clock could strike 8:00, my emotions were raw with the morning’s chaos! But I wasn’t alone. As if hearts connected, my sweet soul sister a thousand miles away suddenly texted me and we began a lengthy conversation of maternal lament. It had been a tough morning for both us of as well as a tough month for me. I was preparing to step out of the house within minutes as my errand list was the size of Texas, but her empathy and encouragement made me linger at the kitchen counter. My head was already organizing my duties, but my body was resisting the physical race of the day. In order to really understand it all, one must read the following as FAST as possible to truly experience the chaos of my life and home. Ready? GO!!

In the past month I have dealt with business trips, school Open Houses and volunteer parent meetings (for three schools), soccer practices and games, tennis lessons, orchestra and choir rehearsals, Driver’s Ed class (all which somehow magically occur at the SAME time of day! REALLY??), acknowledging teen drama while still validating feelings, assessing broken technology issues, relatives coming and visiting for a week, five hour plane delays, broken AC units on a Saturday evening, a beloved family pet eating a poisonous plant resulting in overnight vets, my budget gone WILD due to every fundraiser known to man and extra school fees (and impromptu vet bills)…add to that laundry, meals, cleaning, and other home duties…then add meetings for future ministry events, editing past lessons for an upcoming Bible study, and organizing outlines for my weekly classes. Somewhere in there, Satan lurks telling me I am FAILING miserably and I am the worst mom, wife, and friend. I watch deadlines go by, miss ministry opportunities, and send the kids to bed AGAIN without family devotions due to craziness of life and late dinners. I constantly check myself, wondering where I dropped the ball, how I could have handled THAT issue better, torn between how to maintain  strong guidelines yet give my kiddos freedom to grow and be responsible. And then morning comes and I start it all again… Are you still breathing? Is your head spinning? Can you identify? 🙂 Of course you can!

Yet through this madness, I hear HIM proclaiming Zephaniah 3:17, “I am SINGING OVER YOU and YOU are my daughter! I am with you and you WILL NOT fail!” I am blessed with snuggles, hugs, and laughter from my children when all is well. I see beautiful sunrises (on the way to the bus stop) and gorgeous sunsets (on the soccer field). I have a faithful husband who works hard and demonstrates Godly morals to all in his path. I have the “abundant life” Christ promises in John 10:10 – and yet waves of weariness roll over me and my perspective gets altered. At times I find myself laughing in the chaos simply because there is nothing else left to do.  THAT has been my life lately.

In our morning conversation, my friend mentioned Psalm 8. Hanging up the phone, I opened my Bible and discovered the source of peace just waiting for me. Verses 34-35 remind me that resting, waiting upon, and daily seeking His guidance allows peace in my chaos and encourages me to ACCEPT grace for my failures and mess ups. As a Christian, I easily recognize God and His authority, but often neglect His simple gift of grace. I know that life will not ever be perfect this side of heaven, but I still seem to stress myself out trying to obtain that quality. Not everything will be easy or proceed smoothly. Tempers will flare, opinions will fly out, and emotions will get flustered. But my choice to rise above the muck will determine my actions and outlook. Christ tells me life will happen; I may not be able to fix the chaos, but He can give me peace to ride through it.

As an author and teacher, I am able to mingle and minister to many ladies. Every day is an adventure and if sharing my craziness encourages (not scares) one person, my day’s mess is well worth it!!


From the Vine Ministries is established in Houston, Texas and gives Cyndy the opportunity to reach ladies all across the nation with a message of HOPE.  As a wife, mom, and mentor, her utmost desire is to be an ordinary woman used in extraordinary ways for Him alone! Visit for contact information and study material.