2022 Fundraising Sponsorship Opportunities

2022 Fundraising Sponsorship Opportunities

From The Vine Ministries relies on our donors in order to obtain the necessary resources and funds for our mission.

Donations help us maintain our venue an expand the services we offer:

Bible Studies
Business Connections
Family/Marriage Workshops
Mentoring Ministry Interns
Monthly Bills
Professional Counselors
Safety Items
Scholarships Sponsorship Flyer

Roots Level 1 - Monthly Recurring

Roots Level 1 - One Time Donation

One Time Donations from $20 to $999.00



Vines - Level 2

Donations from $1000 - $2,999

  • “Thank You” with company name on FTVM webpage and social media platforms
  • Monthly social media recognition post
  • Company name in business booklet
  • Meeting with FTVM event coordinator and use of the FTVM facility for one event over 12-month time frame
  • Recognition of company on media screens during FTVM events

Grapes - Level 3

Donations from $3,000 to $6,999


  • Level 2 benefits
  • Company mention on back of FTVM t-shirts used at facility events
  • Meeting with FTVM Event Coordinator and use of the FTVM facility for one additional event over 12 month time frame



Clusters - Level 4

Donations from $7,000 +

  • Level 2 and 3 benefits
  • Company name on FTVM corporate board wall for a 12 month time frame
  • Company name in FTVM advertising in Cypress area magazines