About Cyndy Gusler - Founder and Executive Director

Proverbs 16:9 says “In their hearts, human beings plan their course – but the Lord establishes their steps.”

Cyndy and Jay Gussler

God hard-wires each of us differently. He fills each of us with a passion, a longing, and/or a talent that gives us joy.  Since I was a little girl, I've had an overwhelming desire to stand up and speak. I wanted to encourage people, motivate them, and help them be the best they can be. In middle school, I remember being mesmerized by a motivational speaker that visited. To this day, I cannot remember what she had to say, from where she came, or who she was. But I do remember God speaking audibly to me. “I need you to do that!” From then on, I was filled with an exploding passion to reach people.

The journey begins

In high school and college, I wrote numerous stories, plays and newspaper columns. I was in every play production, speech class, Reader’s Theatre…you name it. Before graduating from college with an English/Drama degree, I was told by my writing professor to pursue it professionally.  Adventure and imagination awaited me! (I even had a secret wish to go to Broadway.) But instead, I didn’t believe my professor. Too many ugly things had happened in my childhood that resulted in very low self-esteem. That path required more self confidence and courage than I had, at the time. I tucked those dreams away and chose a more practical career teaching middle school for ten years. Although I wasn't writing or acting professionally, I found a great deal of fulfillment as I used those same talents teaching English, Drama, Newspaper, History and Speech.

The seed is nurtured

After marrying and becoming a mother, I left my public school classroom. We moved to Texas and I started attending our church’s ladies Bible studies. There I saw a variety of women, but constantly compared myself and felt like I was failing. The Lord led me to a small group of older, precious women who sheltered me, comforted me and advised me in the aspects of being a Godly wife and mom.

Years later, I joined the ladies ministry team and helped teach Bible studies, planned retreats and served hundreds at various events.  God allowed me to see women from all walks of life, bearing tremendous burdens and seeking friendship, encouragement, and above all - Jesus Christ. As I taught published lessons and studies, I found myself teaching between the lines. To get ladies thinking outside the box, I asked “wacky” questions. Eventually, I began writing my own studies. I started reading more and researching. I looked up Greek and Hebrew words, and studied maps and family relations.

The Bible comes to life

After a while, I found myself immersed not only in His Word, but in His love, mercy and promises. As I saw the lives of Biblical women unfold, I felt their pain, breathed their anger, and smiled at their joy. Before long I was sharing these wonderful stories with my friends, telling my children about things I had learned and writing down everything.

In less than six months, I found myself typing the final words to a 12-week Bible study entitled “From Prostitutes to Prayer Warriors: Using Your Past for His glory.” There it sat, right in front of me: my passion and joy! I filled hundreds of pages with Great Women of the Bible, all sharing and breathing their stories. They became some of my dearest friends. I remember being so excited and in complete awe of what God had done through me!!

Bearing fruit

I taught the first study out of my home with 12 neighbors and friends. I was able to teach the study a couple more times in the church, but I held it very close and almost guarded it.  Looking back, I think I was terrified. I was afraid of putting myself on the line. This was despite the fact that my college writing professor had told me I was gifted to do this and the ladies who attended my study sincerely loved the writings. I am confident that God opened their eyes and hearts, and their faith grew. My passion also grew, and I began to believe God called me to do this. Even so, I was content to stay inside the comfortable church walls.

Again I felt God nudging me, so I presented the study on a monthly basis for a year, teaching to ladies both inside the church and outside in area communities. The year finished and we had a great time! Still, I felt God urging me to “do more with it.” But I was so afraid. The human side of me began to shadow my purpose in Him.

Greater is HE

I felt a calling to venture out, but Satan used my whole life against me. He continually held up my stormy childhood, the difficult teen years and the many years of lonliness before finding the right man to marry. Satan even taunted me about my mothering skills and how my past abusive life would just be repeated with my own children. He told me I am a failure at whatever I think I am equipped to do, even today. However, that 12 week study did not come from my talent or my desire to be famous. It came from God and from His Word! THAT is why Satan is so mad! He cannot destroy God’s Word!  So he daily tries to destroy me.

The dream begins to take root

Despite my fears, my heart was still open to God’s leading.  In 2008, I stepped out with “From the Vine Ministries” and began teaching and reaching women in the Cypress, Katy and Tomball areas. I spoke at Christmas banquets and retreats and continued to teach Bible studies in my home and coffee shops.

God began to grow a vision in my mind of a serene place where women could come together to get support, teaching, resources and friendship as they navigated all the seasons of their lives. Just as God had provided me with the support group of older women I needed when my children were young, I wanted to provide similar support to women as they struggled with many different life challenges. He urged me to create a SAFE HAVEN where women of all denominations (and those ladies not attending church) could come together to study His Word and grow closer to Him.

Living from the vine

For the next seven years, God provided glimpses of what He wanted and I wrote them all in a file. I designed the house, the winding driveway leading up to it, and the sheltering trees in a garden-like setting. It would be a welcoming place that offered women and teen-age girls refuge from the world’s judgment, impossible standards and comparisons. “The Vineyard” took seed in my heart. He had me write down the names of each room and all the classes/programs that would occur there.

The Vineyard dominated my thoughts, and then one day God said, “Now go tell others about this.” I panicked and said, “You must be wrong, Lord! Don't ask me to tell people about The Vineyard! I don’t have a plan, or a budget, or volunteers, or … They’ll think I’m NUTS.”  But eventually, I listened and obeyed. I began putting it out there on social media and talking about it to friends and immediately felt the reassurance that this was a much needed ministry.

Donations and offers of support began rolling in, and my excitement grew as I watched God work out all the details! From the Vine Ministries would have a location: The Vineyard. The Vineyard eventually became a reality, and it has been my great privilege and joy to be used by God in this way. At The Vineyard, I am able to see lives touched on a daily basis in both big and small ways by His love!

Continuing in faithfulness

As the old song goes: “He’s not done with me yet.”  Ephesians 3 tells us that we cannot fathom how deep, how wide or how long His love is for us. We only see glimpses of it as we walk in blind faith. We trust Him enough to let Him lead us to another job site:  to another blessing and another opportunity to be used. But the key is to keep moving! Keep following – keep pursuing Him. Do not just sit back and think you are done. He created you for so much more than you can ever imagine! Ladies, you cannot feel His wind in your face, unless you run with your hand in His!

Please pray for me to stay obedient to His calling!

Cyndy Gusler

Psalm 119:32 says “I run in the path of your commands, for You alone have set my heart free!”