How the Journey Began

Proverbs 16:9 says “In their hearts, human beings plan their course – but the Lord establishes their steps.”

Since I was a little girl, I have had this overwhelming desire to stand up and speak…to encourage people, to motivate them and to help them strive to be the best they can be. In middle school, I remember being mesmerized by a motivation speaker but to this day I cannot remember what she had to say, from where she came or who she was. But  I clearly remember the Lord whispering to me, “I want you to do that!” At the time I had no idea how to do it, when to do it or what to say – I just knew I was called to speak to people. God hard-wires each of us differently and He fills us with a passion, a longing, or a talent that gives us joy. Use it!

In high school and college, I wrote numerous stories and plays and later graduated with degrees in English and Drama. Adventure and imagination awaited! Before finding my Mr. Wonderful in 1995, I taught Middle School students in courses of writing, drama and commuication. We then married and moved to Texas, where I attended  Bible Studies and was surrounded by precious women who sheltered me, comforted me and advised me in the aspects of being a Godly wife and mom. I joined the Ladies Ministry team and helped teach Bible classes, planned retreats and served hundreds of ladies at various events. God allowed me to see ladies from all walks of life, bearing tremendous burdens and seeking friendship, encouragement and above all – Jesus Christ.

I soon found myself teaching Bible studies between the lines – asking the ladies “wacky” questions to get them thinking outside of the box. Then I began writing my own studies and found myself immersed not only in His Words, but in His love, His mercy and His promises. I researched the lives of Biblical women and I began feeling their pain, breathing their anger and smiling in their joy. I found myself walking in their sandals, seeing them as real people who made some difficult choices. I soon began sharing these wonderful stories of the Great Women of the Bible  women who became my dearest friends.

I first taught the study out of my  living room with 12 neighbors and friends, giving them the chance to see into the lives of Biblical women.  Today I have met hundreds of women from all over – hungry for Truth and God’s commands. I believe we can learn from these role models:  women just like us who had fears and failures, but who allowed God to use them just the same. Even as a fumbling wife and mother, I know I have been called to pack up my weariness of life, my fears and failures as a wife, my messy days of motherhood and share them with women today.  Through His grace and mercy, we can chose to be used for His glory!  I continued teaching out of my home, various churches and community coffee houses while the Lord slowly planted the Vineyard in my heart…a safe haven where ladies could come to be refreshed and renewed, to receive wisdom and encouragement to be the best moms, wives and women of God. Seven years later, He opened the doors of the Vineyard! “Be nurtured, be pruned, be fruitful.”  

As the old song goes: “He’s not done with me yet.” Ephesians 3 tells us that we cannot fathom how deep, how wide, or how long His love is for us. We only see glimpses of it as we walk in blind faith. We have to trust Him enough to empty our hands, take them and lead us to another opportunity to be used. But the key is – to keep moving! Keep following – keep pursuing Him. Do not just sit back and think you are done… He has so much more than you can ever imagine! (John 10:10)

Psalm 119:32 says “I run in the path of your commands, for You alone have set my heart free!”

Ladies, you cannot feel His wind in your face, unless you run with your hand in His!

Please pray for me to stay obedient to His calling!