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From the Vine Ministries' Mission

We gather at The Vine, to equip ladies with knowledge and passion for God’s Word and His Truth – giving them assurance and encouragement to choose to be used daily by God for His glory!

(From the Vine Ministries’ programs change regularly in response to the needs of those we serve.)

Cyndy Gusler
Founder & Executive Director

Board of Directors

From the Vine Ministries' purpose is to encourage, refresh and empower women with wisdom, Christian scripture, and resources to be the best moms, wives and women of God He has called us to be!

When the world is too fast and its measurements of success are set way too high, we provide an environment for ladies to believe in themselves and feel worthy enough, living life abundantly!

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We Can All Learn From The Bible

From the Vine Ministries (FTVM) women's ministry is simply a call of obedience. After researching their cultures, families, and faith, Cyndy Gusler felt great passion to introduce these Great Women of the Bible to women of today.

Our lives are so similar and are merely a breath away in the grand scheme of time and life. Out of millions of women walking the face of the earth, God specifically placed these Great Women in the Bible to be seen as our role models.

Consequently, He calls us to learn from their mistakes and their obedience. Their stories and lives beg us to listen and walk in their sandals.

Please take some time to see How the Journey Began and what God has called Cyndy to say and do through our Tomball, TX location, The Vine. You will see Real Women living Real Lives serving a Real God!

About Cyndy

Proverbs 16:9 says “In their hearts, human beings plan their course – but the Lord establishes their steps.”

God hard-wires each of us differently. He fills each of us with a passion, a longing, and/or a talent that gives us joy.  Since I was a little girl, I’ve had an overwhelming desire to stand up and speak. I wanted to encourage people, motivate them, and help them be the best they can be. In middle school, I remember being mesmerized by a motivational speaker that visited. To this day, I cannot remember what she had to say, from where she came, or who she was. But I do remember God speaking audibly to me. “I need you to do that!” From then on, I was filled with an exploding passion to reach people.

Cyndy Gusler, founder and owner of From The Vine Ministries. A place in Tomball, TX to connect with other women.
about,Cyndy Gusler,From The Vine Ministries,The Vine

Cyndy's Story

Cyndy Gusler was born and raised a Michigan Gal but has been a Southern Belle since 1999. A former middle school and drama teacher, Cyndy renewed her passion for writing and has been teaching Ladies Bible Studies for over 20 years in Cypress, Texas, as well as serving as a local Ministry Director. Cyndy is fully committed to mentoring and encouraging women to become Sisters in Christ. Out of seasons of child abuse, abandonment, and struggling to find her value in a forever-changing world, she walks today as a confident Daughter of the King. Establishing a family and home life founded in faith is one of her ultimate goals for every woman she meets!

Her hobbies include cooking, reading, theatre, board games, and laughing hysterically! As Mama GusBus, she has been married to Jay since 1995 and is a busy mom to Taylor, Nicholas, and Benjamin.

Cyndy proclaims to be “an everyday woman being used in an extraordinary way.” Her deepest desire is for all women to seek Him, know Him, and call Him “Father.”