From the Vine Ministries' Mission

Through our women's ministry in Cypress, TX:

“To equip ladies with knowledge and passion for God’s Word and His Truth – giving them assurance and encouragement to choose to be used daily by God for His glory!”

Ever wonder…

*What Adam and Eve talked about when lying down in bed at night?

*Did Martha have a junk drawer in her kitchen?

*How did Jochebed hide an “awake at midnight” newborn from the enemy?

*What if Bathsheba told David “No!” and then told her husband?

*Did Jesus know more about God at age 3 than Mary knew at age 17?

*And how did Rahab the prostitute, become a grandmother in the lineage of King David and Jesus Christ?

These questions and more have bounced around Cyndy Gusler’s brain for years. And now she is putting her passion behind them as she brings to life these amazing Great Women of the Bible – women who have been there, done that, and are willing to share their faults and failures so that we may be able to live better lives for Christ.

These are not just dried up stories from some time long ago, but rather life lessons from ordinary women who allowed God to use them in extraordinary ways. Women who got tired of laundry, balanced three babies on two hips, rolled their eyes at their hubbies, and had to sweep out the tent again! Women who sat down at the end of the day and wondered what they could have done to be a better wife…a mom…a woman of God. Women who came to God with nothing in their hands and ragged pasts, yet with traces of hope on their tear-stained faces. Women who sought grace to fill in their cracked foundations of faith. Are we any different?

From the Vine Ministries (FTVM) women's ministry is simply a call of obedience. After researching their cultures,  families, and  faith, Cyndy Gusler felt great passion to introduce these Great Women of the Bible to our women of today. Our lives are so similar and are merely a breath away in the grand scheme of time and life. Out of millions of women walking the face of the earth, God specifically placed these Great Women in the Bible to be seen as our role models. He is calling us to learn from their mistakes and their obedience. Their stories and lives call out to us – begging us to listen and walk in their sandals. And so it is with Cyndy…for she desires all women to see and feel the Almighty God who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  These dear Great Women are some of Cyndy’s best friends…eagerly waiting to meet YOU!

Please take some time to see How the Journey Began and what God has called Cyndy to say and do through our Cypress, TX location, The Vineyard– and then you will see Real Women living Real Lives serving a Real God!