womens bible studies

Bible Studies for Women in Cypress, TX

God gave us the Bible so that we would have “the owner’s manual” for living a life of meaning and harmony with one another. It is not simply a collection of dried up stories from long ago. It is a road map for this sometimes confusing – sometimes heartbreaking – and sometimes dangerous journey we call life. God's Word gives us comfort and refuge when we suffer, are hurt, or mourning. It gives us standards for relationships and guidelines for knowing right from wrong. The Bible offers Truth and and stability when the world seems out of control. It reveals who we are and how we can personally know the God of the universe. The one true God loves us with a love that is beyond human comprehension.

The goal of our Bible Studies is to instruct and equip women with knowledge and passion for God’s Word and His Truth. All of our studies are meant to bring the Bible to life in ways that are personal, relatable, and insightful. Only then can God’s Word permeate and transform your life. No matter where you are in life’s journey – and whether you are a Bible scholar or have never opened a Bible in your life – you will find Bible studies at The Vineyard that inspire and encourage.

How are our women's Bible studies different?

  • Everyone is welcome

From the Vine Ministires is not affiliated with any church or Christian denomination. We have women at our studies who go to many different churches, or none at all. Church membership is not important here.

  • Come at any time

Most of our studies have stand-alone lessons, so you will never feel you are too far behind. If the study has homework, there is no need to feel “less than” if life keeps you from it, one week, or many weeks. Even if all you can do is get to the table, we want you to come, listen, soak, and share.

  • Small groups give everyone time to share

Our Bible study groups are small, usually no more than 12 people. This is so everyone has time to speak and feels safe being transparent. If the group gets too large, we will create a new group to maintain group intimacy.

  • Our comfortable, casual setting feels safe

Church complexes can be intimidating, especially if you have ever been hurt by the Church. When you come to our Cypress, TX location, The Vineyard, you will feel like you’re visiting a friend’s home whose door is always open; where the coffee is always brewing; and where there is always love and acceptance.

For a list of our current Bible Studies for women, Click Here.