christian counseling

Christian Counseling -      Groups and Private

Is there something going on your life that is causing you to isolate? Do you fear asking for help in your church because of possible judgement or gossip? Does a traumatic event from the past still trouble you? Perhaps you are experiencing present day abuse or living with an addicted child or spouse. Do you battle depression or some other issue that keeps you from experiencing the freedom God intends for you? From the Vine Ministries wants to connect you with the right counseling resource for your situation.

We have a network of local, Christian professionals in the Cypress, TX area. They are caring individuals who are available to counsel with individuals or families, depending on the need. Our goal is to be an instrument for emotional healing for any woman who reaches out to us. Please Contact Us for Christian counseling, resources and support in the Cypress, TX area. You will not be turned away!