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Get out of the Pig Pen and Live in the Castle!

January 26, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Ground Up Women I - Every Thought Captive
15818 Mueschke Rd. Cypress
TX 77433
Cyndy Gusler

“Get Out of the Pig Pen and Live in the Castle!”

Spring Series:  Jan 26, Feb 16, March 23, April 27   *lessons written by Cyndy Gusler

  • Saturday evenings –  6:30-8:30pm
  • Bring your Bible and notebook
  • Complimentary refreshments provided

Ps 139:14 says we “are fearfully and wonderfully made” and yet we rarely feel that way. As we meet and research some Biblical Role Models, we will see the Beauty and Strength God gave them and gave to US as well! We are Daughters of the King but often fail to live that way…come BE ENCOURAGED to “Live in the Castle” instead of the pig pen we sometimes create for ourselves.

January 26 - Jochebed, Puah, and Shiphrah

I’m Not a Real Christian, I Just Play One on TV”

Integrity = doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. “Religious” has become a label in today’s society. How is being “faithful” different? Come inside the Israelite tents, sit beside the birthing mothers, and hear their stories of how God protected their offspring while they battled stressful situations…but when the chaos cleared, they were still standing strong. See how God used ordinary mid-wives and mothers in extraordinary ways!

February 16 - Leah

“Have You Missed the Boat…and Are You Just Floating on Adequacy?”

Joy. We hear it all the time…in our everyday life, in scriptures and sermons, in songs and even in our greetings. People are even named Joy. It’s all around us. It is a quality that is seems abundant, but is often evasive. Do you seem to get the short end of the stick a lot? Are the circumstances thrown at you beyond your control?  Are you just so tired of trying to be happy? Let His Word and role models’ wisdom wash over you and refresh you, helping you find JOY and PEACE in your daily life!

March 23 -Proverbs 31 Woman

“Self-Worth:  Dress Size Checking Available in Aisle Three”

YOU “are fearfully and wonderfully made” and yet many days we don’t believe it, we don’t feel it, and we don’t live it out in all we do and say and think. Together we will examine God’s Measurements vs the World’s and find what we are really made of and how to live abundantly even when we feel we don’t fit in with everyone else.  You are worthy!!

April 27 - “Spring Cleaning: Retreat, Refresh, and Renew”

If your life and home are chaotic, stressed and messy, when do you find time or energy for family and faith?  If you’re so busy with worldly relationships and trials, you probably have no time for an intimate relationship with your Father. Let’s CLEAN HOUSE together, removing the baggage of the past and finding room to breathe and live to the fullest!

Director: Cyndy Gusler