Latte Love Café  has been part of Cyndy’s heart for MANY years and was created when she kept saying to incredible women that she met over the years:

“Your testimony inspires me to grow deeper in my faith!”
“Oh, I want to be like you when I grow up!”
“God has blessed you greatly – you HAVE to share what He’s done!” and
“Where were you when I needed to learn this so I wouldn’t have made all these mistakes??”

Need a mocha and a hug? Our Women of Wisdom are joining together to share their journeys so that you can apply these lessons to your home and faith. No matter your season in life, something you hear will touch your heart and  encourage you in your daily walk as wife, mom and woman of God and provide Biblical practical wisdom while surrounding you with caring Sisters!  So grab a cup of coffee, kick off your shoes and let’s GET REAL with God!  Just come…it’s AMAZING!! 

Join us the 4th Monday of the Month @ 7:00 pm 

Past and Present Topics Include:
The Return of the MOM Panel
“FaceBook, Phones, and Faith:  Guidelines for Balanced Teenagers”

Getting Help BEFORE the Holidays Begin!
“Creating Holiday Traditions without Business and Busyness”

Freedom vs Stress over your Bank Account
“Budgeting Made Easy and Profitable” – Dave Ramsey lessons

Special Mystery Guest!
“Christmas Special: Music, Comfort, and Hope”

My “Read the Bible in a Year” Promise Ended in 3 Weeks
“Resolutions vs Relationship: How to study the Bible”

Is Love Just an Obligation in a Marriage?
“My Husband is not a Hallmark Card”

Biblical Hoarders:
“Spring Cleaning your Home and Heart”

“Tragic Situations can bring Encouragement and Hope to Others”

“A Mother’s Love and Prayer = Results Beyond Imagination!”

“Teens, Jesus, and Sex”

“What if I’m Divorced?  Where do I Fit in God’s Plan Now?”

“Redeemed Heavenly Marriages”

“Can Christ be in your Business… or is that Sacrilegious?”