CURRENTLY IN PLANNING STAGES…..Keep returning here to see schedule starting date!!

Ages: 6-12th grades             ** Non-denominational group

Vision: To encourage young ladies to passionately love God and His Word, and to train and equip them to live Godly lives by giving them the tools to stand firmly in their faith and the boldness to share the love of Christ with others.

To bring teen girls closer in their walk with Christ, to become more Christ-like.
To present opportunities for attendees to form Christian bonds of wisdom, prayer, and encouragement

Upcoming events:

His Girl Bible Study

P31 Grammas Rock! –  Saturday luncheon with girls and grammas

Fashion and Make-up – Do’s and Don’ts

Health and Exercise – Mastering the Weight room and Menus

Off to the show! –  Tea Room and Theatre (not the movies)

Becoming a P.I. for Christ – Seeking Purity and Identity

Media vs Reality – Take a Look at WHOSE you are!

Mall Scavenger Hunt – Searching for the TRUTH

Laser Tag – Putting on your Spiritual Armor

Karaoke, Rock Climbing, Ice Skating/Rollerblading,

And so MUCH MORE!!!