Christian mentoring


Need some help getting through life? Need a nudge in the right direction, but afraid of falling? We all go through stages in life when the counsel of someone who has “been there, done that” can make all the difference in how quickly and gracefully we navigate unknown waters. Often, all we really need is to see the person and hear their story, versus a pile of self-help books or the latest apps and technology.

From the Vine Ministries has a network of caring, Christian mentors who are ready to listen to your struggles and share their experiences so that you might be equipped with the knowledge, insight, and inspiration to help you accomplish your desires. We are here to to be a safe, relaxing meeting place where you can connect with the right person to give you a helping hand in whatever life situation you find yourself.

Following are just a few of the areas where our mentors have provided insight and encouragement to  our Vineyard women:

  • Career transition and entrepreneurship
  • Caretaking of aging parents and spouses
  • Major life transitions
  • Mothering children with learning disabilities
  • Mothering teens dealing with drugs, alcohol, and premarital pregnancy
  • Spiritual
  • Mothering multiples
  • Divorce or marriage to an addict
  • Guidance for teen girls (making wise choices, building healthy friendships, overcomiing school pressures)

Don’t worry if you don’t fit into one of these categories. Call us today with your mentoring needs, and we will source our network for the right Christian woman to walk with and advise you. We are here to help!