“Cyndy spoke to our Moving On widows’ group. It was very evident this Godly, Christian woman is led by the Holy Spirit to bring forth the Word of God and witness to everyone who hears her. Her presentation on the Book of Ruth was most appropriate to our group since Ruth was a widow herself. We intend to have Cyndy again. We have already recommended her to other groups in our church.”

Lynn Burney,
 Foundry United Methodist Church, Houston, Texas

“I see a person who is available…not just available to the women around her – but available to God…to be used and molded into what He has predestined her to be.”

Aamie Vickrey, 
Home schooling mom and prayer warrior

“You pour your heart out…and God just takes over. Your self-confidence is always out in front of you, which tells me that God is out in front of you – making your path for you. I admire your strength in Him. Thank you for sharing everything with us; I know it is from God. You obey and He is right there with you. I can see Him – shining in your passion for each woman you meet.”

Brenda McDaniel,
 Cypress Store Manager

 “I look forward to coming to class and as soon as the evening is over, I start wondering what the next one will be about. I love the combination of Biblical history, explanation of the original vocabulary, and how a Great Woman relates to my life thousands of years later.”

Yvonne Cumberland,
 TexasTutoring Business

 “Cyndy has a “magical” technique of bringing to life these Great Women of the Bible – both by painting a picture of their life within their culture, and adding feelings/thoughts that could have easily passed through their minds in their situation, making us really consider what it was to be them!”

“I have had the privilege of knowing Cyndy Gusler for almost a handful of years. I first heard her as an incredible large group speaker at a women’s banquet, then as a group speaker leading her own original Great Women of the Bible series, as a ministry director, and most recently, as a welcoming small group teacher. Cyndy’s walk with the Lord is anything but unpretentious or veiled. She models the Titus 2 Woman by always reaching out to other women through the touch of Christ with real concern and Godly practicality to improve our lives through relationship with the Lord and as sisters in Christ. Cyndy is warm, open, real, and seasoned in her faith. Her relationship with Jesus is genuine, deep, ministering and personal, and because of that example, I have aspired that my walk with Jesus be with Cyndy’s Jesus.”

Nicole St. Jacques, Stay at Home Mom of Four, Member of Community of Faith, Cypress, TX

“I love the Great Women lessons! Cyndy portrayed them in such an awesome way that they really came to life. I realized how they are just the same as me. Every single lesson taught me something new about serving God and/or being a better person. They also changed my attitude on many issues. Cyndy definitely has a gift for speaking and passion for women! I look forward to doing the study again some day!”

Brook Goldmeyer,
Homemaker Cypress, Texas

“I am honored to commend to you the ministry of Cyndy Gusler. She is a faithful member of our church family. Cyndy has done a great job in leading our Women’s ministry for a number of years. She is an incredibly talented speaker and teacher of God’s word. She has a passion for God and compassion for women. I have seen her make a great impact on many lives. She will be a blessing wherever she speaks and I encourage you to use her ministry.”

Jim Daniel,
Senior Pastor Fairfield Baptist Church, Cypress, Texas

“My wife and I had been married 20 years when we hit what I thought would be an insurmountable rough period in our marriage. Cyndy’s ministry, friendship, and support played a crucial part in saving our marriage. My wife attended several of Cyndy’s Women’s Ministry events, including the Great Women of the Bibles eries, giving her the strength and courage to faithfully follow God’s Word. Without Cyndy’s incredible biblical insight and wisdom, and her faithful support and encouragement, we would not be together today enjoying God’s blessing of marriage.”

Mark, Sr.
IT Administrator, Houston, TX

Past Bible study attendees:

“This has been my first Bible study to ever attend. I’ve been a Christian for 40+ years and a regular churchgoer. But I never wanted to go to a Bible study class because I have never felt that I was competent in my knowledge of the Bible. I always thought you had to be one of those people who could quote 100% of the verses if you were going to be in a Bible study class. I know the Bible. I know the stories, but I never was able to quote chapter and verse.”

“In this class I realized my thinking was all-wrong. My worry about looking “uneducated” was a silly meaningless excuse. It wasn’t about me but rather the lessons I learned about my faith and how to walk with God. Thank you for opening my eyes to so many things!”

Debbie Hogue

“During the last few weeks I have again struggled with depression and medication adjustments. Thankfully this class helped me get through the times when I could have turned away from God. But because we were studying about REAL women with REAL problems, I think this was God’s way of touching me and reminding me that I am REAL to Him and that He loves me and will never forget me. Thanks for putting your heart in this study, Cyndy!

Aynne Daugherty 

“The sheer excitement that you have for the Word of our Lord passed onto me and knowing more about these ladies made me realize that He loves us no matter what – warts and all, and through you I have learned to look at the Biblical situations and my own situations so differently, sometimes with humor, sometimes with a softened heart and most importantly -He loves me for me!”

Becky Davis

As a new believer, I found the lessons very easy to follow. I would read it (the Bible story) on my own, but when I attended the class, the Word came alive! It was as if it went from my head to my heart with your guidance and love. Thank you, Cyndy!”

Suzi Bruin

“Over the last 11 weeks of Bible study your openness, your humor, and your prayers over us have kept me coming back to learn more. Although I was familiar with many of the Bible stories, your interpretations and side notes have made these women seem more real to me that ever before. Thank so much for bringing me closer to my Heavenly Father!”

Gina Childress

“I want to thank you for presenting the Word to me. I have not been able to attend Sunday School or church services because I am working in the childcare department. Tuesday night Bible study has become my Sunday church. As a family, we have been struggling financially for the past two years. I am so very thankful to be able to have this class. It has really reinforced that I am someone special to God – even when the world tells me I am “no one.” I learned that God can use anyone, even me, for His Glory. I have even been able to view my struggles as a positive learning experience. I love God, and more importantly, I know He loves me!”

Laura Garza

“These lessons have helped me learn about God’s love for me. They have given me tools to fight off the fear and anxiety from “releasing control to God.”  I have always been a person in control – a lot!  Your study has encouraged me to share and ask for prayer in times of need. The biggest change has been in my home.  God was never mentioned in my home before, and now my husband and I are discussing the Bible almost daily.  My son and I started praying together at night and if I get too busy, he reminds me.  Overall I am stronger in my faith and I have started reading the Bible in my free time instead of watching “mindless TV.”  Thank you!”

Maureen Wheeler

“Cyndy, you have opened my eyes to a whole other world-way of seeing the Women of the Bible! These lessons have opened my heart to truths that were right in front of me. My greatest change is the love I see God has for every one of His daughters (and sons) and the light of guidance He will give to each, should they seek it. I see that I must move on out of my personal mud puddle – not only for my own sake and salvation, but for that of my precious children – HIS children, for my happiness with my spouse, for his happiness that will increase, and that I can have unity in my family. I must or all is in vain and lost. Thank you!  Prov 3:5-6”

(Name withheld)

 “These lessons have made me reflect on myself and how close I am to God. I doubted and compared my faith to others around me thinking I wasn’t doing enough. While I can do a lot more, I am reminded of how much I already count on God and how much I turn to Him in these hard times in my life. I have also used the lessons to help my family life so I can be a better wife and mother.  Keep up the great work you are doing in His name, Cyndy!”


“Thank you for helping me to establish my priorities. I now use my morning drive times as time to thank, praise, and pray to the Lord (instead of listening to jokes on the radio). I have learned to praise Him in all things – the good and they trying times.  I am learning how to listen and wait expectantly for God to answer! Thank you!!”

(Name withheld)