Redeeming Leftovers :

Great Women Discarded by Man, Restored by God

Are you broken? Feeling used and unworthy? Do you feel cast aside or left behind with no hope for a brighter future? Are you just tired of how life is treating you no matter how hard you strive? You are not alone!

Strap on your sandals and jump into the Word as we discover the Great Women of the Bible and their stories of injustice, bitterness, and sacrifice. Sit in their tents and listen to their testimonies…how God gathered the strewn pieces of their lives and raised them up to be used for His glory despite others’ opinions. Once considered abandoned leftovers, they now are radiant Women of God!

Bonus: each lesson provides recipes and cooking demonstration instructions of gathering leftovers from your fridge and creating a new exciting meal!

Cyndy Gusler

About the Author :

Cyndy Gusler 

Cyndy Gusler was born and raised a Michigan Gal, but has been a Southern Belle since 1999.  A former middle school and drama teacher, Cyndy renewed her passion for writing and has been teaching Ladies Bible Studies for over 12 years and served as a Ministry Director for 3 years in Cypress, Texas before stepping out with From the Vine Ministries.  Cyndy is fully committed to mentoring and encouraging women to become Sisters in Christ – seeking Him in all they do and say!  Out of seasons of child abuse, abandonment, and struggling to find her value in a forever changing world, she has emerged as a humble, yet confident Daughter of the King.  Establishing a family and home life founded in faith is one of her utmost goals for every woman she meets.

Her hobbies include cooking, reading, choir and drama, and laughing hysterically!  As the Gusler Queen Bee, she has been married to Jay since 1995 and is a busy mom to Taylor, Nicholas and Benjamin.

Cyndy proclaims to be just an “everyday woman desiring to be used in an extraordinary way.”  Her deepest desire is for all women to seek Him, know Him and call Him “Abba” (Daddy).

A must read for 2013!