Small Group Dinners

All events at From the Vine Ministries are planned to be small and intimate, to create a setting where those who attend can get to know others at the gathering – and our small group dinners are no exception. You may not know anyone upon arrival, but by the time you leave, it is our hope that you’ve made connections with others who are on a similar journey.

Dinners usually include a guest speaker to address a specific subject. We host small group dinners when we recognize a need in a certain area. For instance, if we have several women who are struggling with financial management, we may organize a small group dinner with a speaker who specializes in financial planning. We then open up the dinner to others who may have a similar need, but have not voiced it. When you sit at the table with others who are grappling with the same questions and fears, and you are able to share experiences, feelings, and encouragement, the problem that once seemed so overwhelming is suddenly reduced to the size of something manageable. We hope to provide you with useful information,  tips, resources, and most immportantly … comraderie and support.

The topics for small group dinners are endless, and we always want to hear from our community about current topics that need to be addressed. Please Contact Us if you have an idea!

We offer small group dinners as needed, so be sure to check our Events Calendar or Facebook Page regularly. You can also add your name to our email list to ensure you are notified about all our upcoming events. Fill out the "Let's Stay in Touch" Sign-Up Form.