FTVM/The Vineyard’s purpose is to empower, encourage, and educate ladies and teens with wisdom, scripture, and resources to be the best women, wives, and women of God He has called us to be!  When the world is too fast and its measurements of success are set way too high, we provide an environment for ladies and teens to beleive in themselves and feel worthy enough, living life abundantly.

We believe that ladies and teens want to discuss their fears, flaws, and faith without “churchy judgement” yet still desire classes and resources to know HOW to apply Jesus to their lives, not just KNOW about Him.  We provide mentors who are transparent and willing to walk through any situation.

We are not associated with one church or denomination, but rather are available to all women and teens choosing God’s guidelines instead of the world’s rules and fads.

“And they defeated the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimonies.”  Revelation 12:11

Classes and Support Offered


  • Ladies and Teen Bible studies – weekly and monthly

  • Single mother support groups

  • Grief support and counseling for child loss, depression, suicide, eating disorders, etc.

  • Veteran moms mentoring overwhelmed younger mothers, sharing tips in routines

  • Caretakers of aging parents – giving them support and a resource group

  • Mentoring/Counseling for mothers of high school and college children

  • Refreshing and encouraging ministry leaders and pastors’ wives

  • Practical life skills: car maintenance, computer skills, self-defense, CPR, budgeting and finance

  • Support and resources for parents with children who have life-threatening diseases

  • Support system for widows and divorced ladies who feel alone and need encouragement and resources