Tis’ the Season of Giving

We are so grateful for everyone who showed their support for The Vineyard during this difficult year of 2020! As the year draws to a close, please consider a year-end gift or recurring commitment to support From the Vine Ministries in 2021. There are always lots of ways you can help or support us, and not all of them involve a monetary gift. Every tax deductible donation or contribution enables us to keep our doors open for all the women God sends to us! Here are some ways you can continue to support us in 2021:

  • Donate monthly for expenses/bills or to help finance a woman’s book/materials/workshop fees
  • One-time/end of year donation
  • “Change a Life” jar – fill with coins and then bring back (great family activity!)
  • Coming events – buy a table, pay for caterer, give grocery cards, donate silent auction items/door prizes
  • Business resource booklet – buy an ad to promote what you can offer to others
  • Donate money/items for our Ruth and Naomi Rooms or for our new bridal room
  • December wedding – we need a gazebo and arch built/purchased, white tablecloths, white plastic chairs/tables, greenery decor
  • Offer your skills/talents in fundraising, promotions, gathering sponsors/partners, etc.
  • Host workshops – car repair, finances, self-defense, career changes, etc.
  • Book a private group meeting/dinner and use our gorgeous Mary and Martha room, kitchen and grounds

If you’d like to support The Vineyard in one of these ways, call or email Cyndy, 281-413-3256.

All donations are tax deductible!

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