Brewing Strength in Diluted Situations

Making Keurig coffee is a no-brainer task in the mornings. You simply push the button and walk away to grab your creamer. But today was an unusual morning. Because the creamer was already on the counter, I added some to my empty cup before pushing the button. I now stood waiting, toying with my spoon and even holding it level at times, mindlessly collecting the hot coffee as it spewed out. It was a beautiful rich brown color, steaming upwards yet falling over the spoon’s edges into the cup below. I was eager to sit and savor soon! But as the cup filled, I noticed the changing color – not of the white creamer, but rather of the coffee. The coffee was bolder, more expensive, and more substantial in element than the creamer and yet its strength was weakening as the “extras” in the cup accepted yet then diluted the hot rich brew. My coffee was no longer the focus.


As the last drops fell from the dispenser, I felt Him whispering to my heart.


When I first began drinking coffee, I loved adding the flavors and sweetness of International Delight creamers, rounding out the boldness and bitterness of the strong coffee. As a young adult, I began trying new creamers and various types of coffees: salted caramel, mocha mint and of course, all the various holiday concoctions. When I invited friends over, I always made sure I had several choices on hand to add to the festivities of the evening. But then I started reading labels (as we all do as we grow older) and I soon found myself choosing the simple organic ingredients, thus losing the taste and need for the fake sugarcoated additives and their costs as well. Not only was my coffee now healthier but less complicated.


As I sat down today in my comfy chair with my steaming cup of coffee, God reminded me of my faith walk. In my early Christian years, I was excited to hear passionate speakers and go to conferences to gather exciting new books and studies. I was grateful that they helped me dive into my Bible and make applications in my personal life. I was eager to hear about other people’s testimonies and follow the teaching of various Godly women. But soon my bookshelves were full of half-read books and I found I was filling my time exploring other people’s lives instead of living the life He put in front of me…and doing what He had called me to do: to seek and find Him daily, to savor the richness of His unwavering truth, and to stand firm in His strength and grace while applying scripture to my circumstances. Sadly, the creamers (the extras in my life) were dissolving the simpleness and clarity of Him.


Today our lives are saturated with extras…extras news, policies, opinions, marches, media outlets, and people shouting that we need to “evolve and accept” as our world moves forward. Everywhere we look, we see people feeling the pressures of the chaos and being overwhelmed while trying to make the best decisions for their families and finances. Turning on the TV or reading the papers to make educated choices is needed but also opens the door for deceitful and diluting banter. John 16:33 reminds us that “we WILL have troubles in our lives, but that in HIM we may have peace.”  If there is a time that is crucially needed to STOP and SIT and SEEK Him, it is now. Just like wanting to maintain the integrity of freshly brewed coffee, we need to be choosy and only allow in what’s best for us. Let’s simply rest in Him and trust He will provide the extras to reveal all our blessings!

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