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Women's Bible Studies

The goal of our Bible Studies is to instruct and equip women with knowledge and passion for God’s Word and His Truth. All studies are personal, relatable, and insightful.

God gave us the Bible so that we would have “the owner’s manual” for living a life of meaning and harmony with one another. God’s Word gives us comfort and refuge when we suffer, are hurt, or mourning.

No matter where you are in life’s journey, you will find Bible studies at The Vine that inspire and encourage.

How Are Our Bible Studies Different?


Everyone is welcome.

From the Vine Ministries is not affiliated with a church. We have women at our studies who go to many different churches. We leave denominations at the door to focus on Jesus.


Come at Any Time.

Most of our studies have stand-alone lessons, so you will never feel you are too far behind. Even if all you can do is get to the table, we want you to come, listen, soak, and share.


Small Groups Give Everyone Time To Share

Our Bible study groups are small, usually no more than 12 people. Everyone has time to speak and feels safe being transparent.


Our Comfortable and Casual Setting Feels Safe

Church complexes can be intimidating, especially if you have ever been hurt by the Church. When you come to our Tomball, TX location, The Vine, you will feel like you’re visiting a friend’s home whose door is always open, where the coffee is always brewing, and where there is always love and acceptance.

High School/ College Events

We are excited to offer resources to high school and college girls!

We have 3 main programs:

1. Teen Talk – this Bible study/discussion group is aimed at girls 12-19 years old. We may have a guest speaker from our local community sharing her expertise, but we always have amazing mentoring by the girls attending, each understanding and giving encouragement of practical daily decisions and dilemmas.

2. College Conversations – this workshop connects high schoolers with college kids, allowing time to ask all kinds of questions about classes, living arrangements, stress, roommates, etc. providing an easy transition into real life: whether that is a 4 year college, a trade school and internship, local community college, or taking time off to work. There is no ONE right way to do life!

3. Senior 2 Senior Luncheons – one of our FAVORITE programs! High school and college kids are matched up with senior citizens and are given a list of conversation starters, helping bridge the generation gap, but also giving new perspectives on “kids and old people.”

The stories shared and advice given (from BOTH sides) are amazing! And every time, the first question asked when saying goodbye is, “When is the next luncheon?!” You’ll find our teen groups at The Vine to be different from area churches…we are small and intimate with no judgment or requirements. Whether you’re already a Christian or struggling to live a life with purpose, we are here for you! Subscribe below to stay up to date with our events.

Mentoring/ Support Groups/ Private Counseling

Need some help getting through life? Need a nudge in the right direction, but afraid of failing? We all go through stages in life when the counsel of someone who has “been there, done that” can make all the difference in how quickly and gracefully we navigate unknown waters. When life throws more at us than we can emotionally handle, it can result in feelings of depression, isolation, and hopelessness.

You are NOT alone! The Vine can provide a safe, confidential space to share feelings and gain support. From the Vine Ministries has a network of caring, Christian mentors and licensed counselors who are ready to listen and equip you with the knowledge, insight, and inspiration to help you accomplish your desires. We are here to be a safe, relaxing meeting place where you can connect with the right person to give you a helping hand in whatever life situation you find yourself…removing the fear of asking for help in a church because of possible judgement or gossip.

Here are just a FEW of the topics discussed:

- Changing jobs and career perspectives
- Caretaking of aging parents and spouses
- Mothering children with learning disabilities
- Mothering teens dealing with drugs, alcohol, and premarital pregnancy
- Divorced women/wives of addicts
- Sexual abuse restoration
- Battling depression/other issue that keeps you from experiencing the freedom God intends for you
- Preparing for and processing death and grief
- Transitioning from high school to college

Call us with YOUR need! Our goal is to be an instrument for emotional healing for any woman who reaches out to us. Check our calendar and Facebook for current and upcoming programs.

Dinners/ Retreats/ Workshops

Our group events at The Vine are small and intimate for a reason. You may not know anyone when you arrive, but we promise you will make connections with others on a similar path or journey! Dinners may feature a guest speaker to address a specific subject, but there is always time for sharing, laughing, sometimes crying, and a few surprises.

Our retreats are important to give us time and space to pull back, find new inspiration, focus on our emotions and faith, and detox from the world. We recognize that not all women have the luxury of leaving their families and responsibilities, so our retreats are structured with the ability to come and go as needed. Our ‘Mini Retreats’ can be a full day, or a day and a half. They take place at our Tomball, TX facility, The Vine, and do not require overnight stays.

Workshops are facilitated by local community members demonstrating their talents and expertise, and who also share their journey how God designed and used their passions to get them to where they are today. Incredible stories!

- Do you need information and tips for changing careers or starting a business?
- Would you like to learn more about how essential oils can minimize your family’s exposure to toxins?
- Do you need more knowledge about managing finances or planning for retirement?
- Would you like to learn more about how to plan and cook healthy meals? Or prepare flower bouquets?

Be sure to check our Events Calendar or Facebook Page regularly.

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From the Vine Ministries' purpose is to encourage, refresh and empower women with wisdom, Christian scripture, and resources to be the best moms, wives and women of God He has called us to be!

When the world is too fast and its measurements of success are set way too high, we provide an environment for ladies to believe in themselves and feel worthy enough, living life abundantly!