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A safe haven in Cypress, TX where women and teens find resources, friendships and Jesus!

Living on Leftovers

See this gorgeous cross? It is one of my favorites hanging in my home, yet every time I look at it I tell myself I need to “better” it. You see, although it is beautiful, it is not securely fastened to the wall. It was never positioned or measured perfectly. No time was taken to…

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Bloom Where You’re Planted!

July 1. A year ago today was our BIG MOVING DAY…the day my husband and I left a place we’d lived for 35 years, for an area that was “just” across town. Across town in Houston might as well be a different state! At first, there was just exhaustion, anxiety, and a lot of apprehension.…

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Waiting Room Warrior

“The waiting room is an exciting place!” she said. “Just watch and see!” Recently I was in a waiting room at our local ER. Even though I have washed dishes and knives a million times, somehow earlier that evening I cut myself and blood instantly began pouring out of my index finger. Thankfully, the knife…

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How Can I Help The Vineyard?

We are so grateful for everyone who came to show support for The Vineyard on Forward Focused Friday! But if you couldn’t make it – no worries! There are always lots of ways you can you can help or support us. Every donation and contribution enables us to keep our doors open for all the…

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Be Still, Listen, and Follow Him!

For the last few weeks as the May 3rd date is approaching, I feel myself getting restless…begging God to show me what to do, who to go talk to, what door to knock on, what letter to send out, and so much more. I trying so hard not to miss what I need to do…

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Seek and You Will Find

In the fall of 2015, the Lord told me to pray over two dates: November 15 and May 3. He didn’t say why or what I should be looking for…but just to pray and be aware. That November 15th, a lady stood on my front porch at 11:30pm and handed me a significant donation to…

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Here For Such A Time

These last 3 weeks have been 1 huge mistake… according to my spreadsheet. But not His. Our Wednesday ladies bible study had chosen a new upcoming study but when I went to purchase it a month or two ago, it was out of stock. As I was contemplating other options, the in-store video screen showcased…

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Who Comes to The Vineyard?

“Who are the ladies that come to the Vineyard?” This is a question I get asked often. So let me try to answer as best I can…by describing the precious women who walk through our doors every day. Who she is: *She’s been in church all her life but has never read the Bible. *She’s…

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