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Who Comes to The Vineyard?

“Who are the ladies that come to the Vineyard?” This is a question I get asked often. So let me try to answer as best I can…by describing the precious women who walk through our doors every day. Who she is: *She’s been in church all her life but has never read the Bible. *She’s…

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God is a Horrible Businessman

January 1st. A Sunday. Great day to start the year! It was a little muggy and warm for winter and I had to change my wardrobe plan, but I was still happy to see the sunshine as I headed off to meet with the Son. The sanctuary had a scattering of peeps as I walked…

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The Woman Inside is Drifting Away

Time is fleeting! In one of my study books, I found this passage that smacked me right in the face. “God knows the desires of my heart – He put them there. He knows the amount of daydreaming – and praying – I do about becoming the kind of woman He wants me to be.…

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Car Wash Christmas

My day was packed with an errand list longer than the state of Texas! I was moving as fast as I could, trying to check it all off in order to get home in time to shower and dress for a special Christmas dinner. Two of our dearest friends were visiting from out of town…

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Ways to Maximize Year-End Giving

With 2018 drawing to a close, we thought it might be helpful to share some information about ways to maximize year-end charitable contributions. From the Vine Ministries operates solely on donations, and we would be honored if you considered us for your year-end giving! 1. Consider A Charitable IRA Rollover – Individuals who are 70 ½…

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He Told the Fish to Go Away

Woman on the beach

“You need to leave,” a Voice said. I lifted my head and looked around but all the other women were listening to Ginger speaking at the front of the room. I saw her lips moving but no sounds were coming out of her mouth and yet women were nodding their heads in response. I closed…

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