Seek and You Will Find

In the fall of 2015, the Lord told me to pray over two dates: November 15 and May 3. He didn’t say why or what I should be looking for…but just to pray and be aware.

That November 15th, a lady stood on my front porch at 11:30pm and handed me a significant donation to step out and lease our first Vineyard property. She had no idea what God had said to me…only saying that God had spoken to her and her hubby that morning and they felt the urgency and passion to help us minister to the community.

When May 3rd of the next year came, I waited and watched. Nothing happened.
The next year came. Nothing happened. I still prayed as directed. I still am.

In May of 2018, I was driving down a familiar road and passed a house I have been admiring (okay, perhaps coveting) for about four years, thinking it would be the PERFECT property for the Vineyard. Many times I searched hoping to find any detail about it. Nothing.

But that day something caught my eye: a “For Sale” sign. What?! I nearly drove off the road! As soon as I was able, I called a realtor friend and found out the details. Within a few days, my FTVM team and I were standing in the kitchen of this gorgeous property… even meeting with the owner to hear her story and for her to hear ours. Unbelievable!! Since that day, we have visited the property several times and have mentally placed our furniture, assigned our programs to each room and arranged our patio furniture and yard games for our family events…using EVERY INCH for His purpose! Also since that day, we have started planning the HOW of purchasing and moving. New board members have stepped into place, marketing executives are creating capital campaigns, a Cypress networking group has adopted us and are committed to helping, the Chamber of Commerce is now involved, and so much more!! Even though a lot of people have come into the picture, the path ahead is still one of blind faith and complete trust in our God, that He will do what He promised when He began this Vineyard vision in my heart back in 2009.

This week as I sit beside the California ocean hearing its roar and soaking in its majestic display of surging power, my heart recognizes His divine orchestration of perfection and control. But my tiny brain is still trying to figure out the human blueprints and I admit restlessness every so often creeps in…but that’s when He comforts me and I hear Him say, “Keep following! I’ve got this! Trust Me!”

As humans we often need a physical crumb of confirmation every now and then…and because He loves us, He provides these moments. He did this for me just the other day. How, you ask?

May 3rd is approaching. I’m still praying and watching. As I pray, I often look through photos of the new property, praising Him for the intimate details and the opportunity to use it all for His glory and purpose. One picture made me pause. The front door. I felt my heart quiver as a looked over at my wall calendar.

Do you see the beautiful door in this picture?? My dear friend, Nancy Lonq and her hubby love to travel and take gorgeous photos of where they visit. Each fall she assembles a calendar of their travels and adds scripture to the photos. Beside being utterly breathtaking, the pictures and Bible verses always minister to my soul, providing the right sights and words I need at that particular moment of my day.

This picture is for the month of MAY…May 3rd.
And this door has exactly the same color, texture and rustic features as the door in the pictures of our potential new property!
Coincidence? Chance? Perhaps just me wishful dreaming? No.

It’s just my God reminding me, comforting me, encouraging me…
That’s just who He is.
The Great I AM!

Warriors, please pray with us.

Please pray for how YOU can be involved with this exciting journey and WHAT exactly the Lord has planned for May 3rd.

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