Here For Such A Time

These last 3 weeks have been 1 huge mistake… according to my spreadsheet. But not His.

Our Wednesday ladies bible study had chosen a new upcoming study but when I went to purchase it a month or two ago, it was out of stock. As I was contemplating other options, the in-store video screen showcased a new study of 5 authors/5 topics under the title of “The Faithful.” So I decided to use this as a filler until our chosen study was ordered and available.

I then took the books to our next class and received stares and comments of, “This isn’t right. That’s not the study we wanted. What are you doing?” I laughed and told them what happened and so we simply shrugged our shoulders and just decided to go with “the mistake” and trust it would be fine.

Fine? No.
Adequate? No.
Just a filler? No.
God knew EXACTLY what He was doing!
At the end of the first DVD lesson, I looked around the table and ladies were sobbing and grabbing Kleenex. We spent the next 30 minutes reflecting on how the topic had smacked us all right in the forehead and pricked our hearts.

We started with Gideon, a simple farmer thrashing wheat and met by God Himself, who then assigned him the task of fighting a battle way beyond his capabilities. He acknowledged Gideon as a “mighty warrior…go with the strength that you have and I will be with you!” Gideon obeyed and grabbed weapons of empty jars and torches and as God instructed, took only 300 of his men to conquer an army of 135,000.

We then spent time with Nehemiah as he clearly heard his calling to rebuild and restore the wall. As he stepped out in faith, spoke boldly to the king, and evaluated his responsibility of the vision, the community then followed and together they accomplished a task beyond their resources and comprehension. Attacks were frequent, threatening comments aplenty, but still he and the people soldiered on…trusting solely on God’s specific directions and provisions. Together, they were victorious as they provided and ministered to the community.

And then came the chapter on Esther: an orphan, a woman, a Jew…thrust into a society based on status, beauty, finances and politics. She was the bottom of the barrel and had nothing to humanly offer but God gave her the option of being fearless. To fast and pray. To be patient. To trust. To believe in the victory ahead. She could choose to give up and do nothing, or she could choose to take a risk and do something. A fork in the road. Her decision to press on was not for her comfort or desires, but rather for the needs and nourishment of her community. And she believed…and so she did. Because of her courage and trust, the Israelites turned their hearts fervently back to God.

“You are here for such a time as this!” Esther 4:14

“Live a life worthy of the calling you have received!” Ephesians 4:1

“He will fulfill the promise He began in you!” Psalm 138:8

“You may be one brave decision away from the most important turn in your entire path. We are our biggest obstacle. We can protect ourselves right out of our calling!” Beth Moore

See this tree? It stands in our backyard for my Princess Warrior. For 8 months we watch and wait as it loses its leaves, becomes barren, seems to struggle in the cold months…but then we see it thrusting forth tiny buds which become amazing gorgeous flowers, shining in the sunset, revealing its glory amidst all the other trees and shrubs…in Taylor’s birthday month, celebrating her existence.

As humans and property owners, we basically do nothing. We have no part in this beautiful development. We simply wait. And watch. With eager eyes and bated breath…knowing without a doubt that He will bring a magnificent display for all to see and enjoy! Every. Single.Time…without fail.

He provides. He guides. He fulfills His purpose.
It’s our choice to believe and trust and step forward.
Scary? Yes.
Blind faith? Yes.
Public opinion? Yes.
But I would rather fail people than fail Him.
His will, His way…nothing more, nothing less, nothing else!

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

The Vineyard.
The new property is coming!
In 2009 He began giving me specific details for the property, programs and people to serve. He even had me name the rooms. Esther is one of them…designed for YOU!

Please pray, follow and encourage us!
Thank you!! ❤️

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