Who Comes to The Vineyard?

“Who are the ladies that come to the Vineyard?”

This is a question I get asked often. So let me try to answer as best I can…by describing the precious women who walk through our doors every day.

Who she is:

*She’s been in church all her life but has never read the Bible.
*She’s a veteran of Bible studies, yet loves that we jump out of the box and think beyond theology and rules.
*She is a Mormon, a Baptist, a Catholic, a Methodist…she is someone who is unsure about this Jesus guy and wants more proof.
*She never grew up with Jesus, still not sure He exists, but needs help and might be interested in hearing about Him.
*She is in a new season of her life, one that disrupts the normal in her circle of friends…and she now feels alone.
*She is broken from church politics and opinions and just wants to be deemed enough and worthy and loved for who she is.
*She is a single woman, a grandmother, a mom of 4, a divorcee, a widow, an empty nester, a career woman, a woman searching for purpose.

What she does:

*She is leaving behind the world’s rules and choosing a relationship with Jesus instead.
*She is choosing to put away self-help books and talk shows, needing real face to face mentoring, asking for help because she is overwhelmed, exhausted and feeling hopeless.
*She is coming each week to hear others’ testimonies and get stronger. She is sharing pieces of her own story which builds her faith.
*She’s getting off the pretty self-controlled merry-go-round and climbing aboard the rollercoaster, throwing her hands up and trusting Him fully – that the exciting, crazy, blind faith journey is for her benefit and His glory!!

John 10:10 ~ “I have come to give you life more abundant than you ever imagined!!”

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