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Teen Tea Talk

“Don’t settle. You’re enough!”

THIS is what a Cypress senior girl wants other teen girls to know.

The group of girls circled the Vineyard table, snacking on pimento cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, while sharing advice for younger girls based on the intimate issues they themselves struggled with during middle school and high school. And now they are passionate about helping their little sisters! ❤️

Introducing: “Teen Tea Talk”…
our new Vineyard program that came from the needs and heart of a 15 year old girl, sharing her personal struggle and story with us, now wanting to give back to our community and help others!! ?

Are you a 9-12th grade girl looking for a safe place to talk about the chaos and stress of your life? Are you looking for practical wisdom, encouragement and sincere friendship from mentors and people that “get” you?

Then join us every other Sunday afternoon for small group discussions, snacks and guest speakers on topics of expectations, depression, social media, eating disorders, college and GPA, parents, setting attainable goals, fitting in vs self-worth, and other pressures of life.

Personal. Confidential. No judgement. That’s who we are!

First session begins Sunday, April 14, 2019 at 6:30pm. This group will meet twice per month – please keep checking our calendar and Facebook Page for updates about meeting times!

For more information and to RSVP, please email Lois at:
Loisghill1@gmail.com First session packet:
Please bring us a little of you! ?
“My Life in a Bag” Your BAG:
Decorate the outside of your bag by writing your name/nickname, use your favorite colors or style of writing that best describes you, OR
select a type of bag (beach bag, backpack, sport bag, shopping, purse, suitcase, etc…) that defines a side of you.

Inside your bag, include SEVEN items that represent you and tell us more about who you are.


  • Pictures of your immediate family
  • Item or article of clothing from job/workplace
  • Favorite scripture verse/book that has special effect on your life
  • Example of favorite hobby
  • Picture/item of dream job/hobby
  • Favorite author/musician/hero
  • Favorite summer trip/outing picture
  • Funny story about your past/item to represent
  • New addition to your family
  • Anything else!
  • *Bonus points for being creative and fun!! ?
  • We cannot wait to meet you!!!!

CLICK HERE to register!

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